Channel Operator Tools

Channel Verification Process

We developed a new tool that channels can enable. When enabled, new users joining a channel will need to verify via the web in order to earn voice status (able to speak in a +m moderated channel) . This will hinder ban evaders and gives staff new options to work with to help deter and stop abusive users. It can be used in event channels with large amounts of users, or used as a tool to force people to make an effort to chat in the channel. The inner workings behind the engine will be explained in detail to the #optalk crew before making it public to all channels as a service on Snoonet.

How it works

  • User joins channel
  • User is sent a link to a secure website to prove they are a real person
  • Magic happens on our backend
  • After visiting the URL sent to them, mode +v is applied to their nickname

You may currently request this verification process on your channel by asking in #snoonet or #optalk.

Updated Mission Statement

Snoonet is a community hub designed to accomodate and explore community culture. Our network infrastructure is built and maintained by the top communities on the internet, and their most proactive community leaders. Our design is to stay within the times, so we grow with communities. Our goal is simple: Be there with your communities, grow together, and aim for progression at every turn.

The Vision is Simple

Value your communities.

We value the proactive members within communities that develop tools, that create infrastructure within their moderation teams and community as a whole, that aim to simply make things better for those around them. We value the understanding that every community is beautiful, whether our interests conflict or mesh well, the staff team is built around various community leaders with an amazing range of interests. Great deeds go a long way within Snoonet!

This is all for you.

We all started as individuals looking to do something more. We value the connections people make with each other, and see the vastness for potential each individual has. None of this is possible without you!

Lending a helping hand.

In the past, we’ve gathered resources from our infrastructure to host community game servers, community events, and staffed large discussion networks to help individuals, and communities to promote awesome ideas they’ve had. We pitch in where we can as far as server resources, money donations, and development is needed.

Always be about something positive.

When life turns aspects of our everyday lives into something black white and grey, our only option is to seek out the colors, wherever they may be. We will go out of our way to help those within our communities on professional and personal levels. There’s always a bigger picture, and the finest details are highlighted by working together.

Welcome the voice of the internet.

Snoonet is a community hub for decentralization!

Snoonet is pleased to support and work with decentralization! We would like to announce a bridge from matrix clients to IRC! Have a gander at to see what we’re about!

Feel free to try it out as well using’s client: - Be sure to register and select #Snoonet from the drop down!

Our core belief will always focus on security, privacy, stability, freedom of speech, and most importantly the inter-connection of people within your communities. We are happy to be a community hub for all people, of any community to connect to.

What does this mean for me?

tldr; Snoonet will be a community hub for decentralized clients within

This means you can be connected to every thing, and everybody. You will be anonymous and secured, and able to access’s IRC communities. Most importantly, you’re connected within the matrix securely and can . You will have no limitations on who or what you connect with.

Snoonet will be a community hub for users as well as normal IRC, and users that connect to us through the OrangeChat bridge.

Take a peek at to see what it’s about!

Privacy and Security - How Snoonet Protects You

Snoonet recognizes that privacy and security are key issues for many of our users. It is our goal to ensure that our network is safe and your data is secure. We take a number of steps to protect users' privacy and limit the information that is exchanged on our network. We protect your privacy in the following ways:

IPs are hidden by default for all users with umode +x and replaced by a one-way hash in the users host. For unregistered users, their IP will be replaced with Snoonet-hash.IP. Registered users receive a vHost, user/AccountName.

Registration information, including e-mail addresses, are hidden in the user’s NickServ info. Users may select to hide additional information as well with /ns help set hide

User channels are not visible in their WHOIS by others and is automatically set on connect with the umode +I. Users may elect to disable this user mode if they wish. Private and secret channels are never displayed to users not also in those channels, regardless of the user mode setting.

Private messages can be restricted by users with a variety of user modes. PMs can be limited to users in common channels, registered users, or a configured whitelist. See User Modes for more information.

For more information on how Snoonet protects you, ways you can protect yourself, and frequently asked questions, please see our Privacy and Security page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member in #help.

Push Notifications - Never miss an important message again

Snoonet is excited to add push notifications, a new way to stay up-to-date when away from your computer. Powered by PushBullet, Snoonet can now send a notification to your mobile device when pinged or PMed while away from your computer. With push, never miss an important message again.

What is push?

Push notifications are a free, convenient way to get notified when someone sends you a private message, mentions you in a channel, or says one of your highlight words while you are away from IRC. Notifications can be sent to your phone, tablet, mobile device, computer, or web browser.


In order to receive push notifications, you’ll need a Snoonet BNC account, a PushBullet account, and the PushBullet app installed on any devices on which you wish to receive notifications. Instructions can be found in the setup instructions below.

To start receiving notifications, visit our push page. Configuration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

If you need assistance, please ask in #help and someone will assist you.