Snoonet is a community hub for decentralization!

Snoonet is pleased to support and work with decentralization! We would like to announce a bridge from matrix clients to IRC! Have a gander at to see what we're about!

Feel free to try it out as well using's client: - Be sure to register and select #Snoonet from the drop down!

Our core belief will always focus on security, privacy, stability, freedom of speech, and most importantly the inter-connection of people within your communities. We are happy to be a community hub for all people, of any community to connect to.

What does this mean for me?

tldr; Snoonet will be a community hub for decentralized clients within

This means you can be connected to every thing, and everybody. You will be anonymous and secured, and able to access's IRC communities. Most importantly, you're connected within the matrix securely and can . You will have no limitations on who or what you connect with.

Snoonet will be a community hub for users as well as normal IRC, and users that connect to us through the OrangeChat bridge.

Take a peek at to see what it's about!

New Servers in Europe and Asia

Snoonet is proud to introduce Calvin (London) and Hobbes (Singapore) to the network! These additional servers in Europe and Asia, respectively, will provide a more stable and faster connection for our users outside of North America. has been updated to include the new European server, and we have added for our users in the Asia-Pacific region. DNS records have been updated accordingly and these new changes will take effect next time you connect.

We have also added a new hub in Europe to increase reliability. This will ensure that users outside of North America are not as affected by maintenance and remain connected to each other in the rare event of a netsplit.

If you have any questions, please ask a staff member in #help and remember, “It's a wonderful world Hobbes ol' buddy… Let's go exploring!”

IRC software and Server upgrades (Maintenance Window)

Snoonet will be undergoing server updates on the morning of August 31st at 02:00 UTC. The maintenance window will last for approximately 4 hours (subject to change, sudden catastrophic failure, and/or ThatOneRoadie pouring maple syrup on the Canadian servers).

We will be performing some operating system patching and updates, as well as patching our IRC daemon to the latest version, and recompiling some network-wide modules. During this time, some netsplits will occur as servers are brought down for maintenance and upgraded. We will be performing our updates in batches, so if you experience a disconnection, you will be able to immediately reconnect to another server via

Thanks for the patience, and as always, feel free to bug us in #help if you have any questions.

-Snoonet Operations Team

Recruiting Snoonet Community Guides

From: Snoonet Management

Snoonet is recruiting volunteers for the Community Guide position.

We are looking for helpers that will be available to answer questions about Snoonet and orangechat in #help and in #orangechat.

Community Guides will be responsible for guiding Snoonet users with any help requests.

What is orangechat?

Orangechat is a webchat that integrates directly with You can use your reddit account to connect directly to chatrooms and chat with other users browsing your favorite subreddits.

  • Orangechat will bring new communities to Snoonet in the form of an easy-to-access interface directly from
  • Orangechat allows existing Snoonet communities to link their subreddit's to Snoonet via orangechat so no one is left out.

How can I apply?

For more information and instructions on applying, see our Guide Recruitment page. Applications will be open until June 12, 2016.

Privacy and Security - How Snoonet Protects You

Snoonet recognizes that privacy and security are key issues for many of our users. It is our goal to ensure that our network is safe and your data is secure. We take a number of steps to protect users' privacy and limit the information that is exchanged on our network. We protect your privacy in the following ways:

IPs are hidden by default for all users with umode +x and replaced by a one-way hash in the users host. For unregistered users, their IP will be replaced with Snoonet-hash.IP. Registered users receive a vHost, user/AccountName.

Registration information, including e-mail addresses, are hidden in the user's NickServ info. Users may select to hide additional information as well with /ns help set hide

User channels are not visible in their WHOIS by others and is automatically set on connect with the umode +I. Users may elect to disable this user mode if they wish. Private and secret channels are never displayed to users not also in those channels, regardless of the user mode setting.

Private messages can be restricted by users with a variety of user modes. PMs can be limited to users in common channels, registered users, or a configured whitelist. See User Modes for more information.

For more information on how Snoonet protects you, ways you can protect yourself, and frequently asked questions, please see our Privacy and Security page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member in #help.

Push Notifications - Never miss an important message again

Snoonet is excited to add push notifications, a new way to stay up-to-date when away from your computer. Powered by PushBullet, Snoonet can now send a notification to your mobile device when pinged or PMed while away from your computer. With push, never miss an important message again.

What is push?

Push notifications are a free, convenient way to get notified when someone sends you a private message, mentions you in a channel, or says one of your highlight words while you are away from IRC. Notifications can be sent to your phone, tablet, mobile device, computer, or web browser.


In order to receive push notifications, you'll need a Snoonet BNC account, a PushBullet account, and the PushBullet app installed on any devices on which you wish to receive notifications. Instructions can be found in the setup instructions below.

To start receiving notifications, visit our push page. Configuration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

If you need assistance, please ask in #help and someone will assist you.

Snoonet Rule Updates

Network Conduct

  • Solicitation of services to earn financial gain is only permitted by asking the channel operators.
  • No user is to request money from others. While we understand many are in times of need, please register a gofundme account and state why you are asking for money. Please ask permission from the channel operators. Begging, and contacting multiple users requesting money is a network offense and will be dealt with warnings and removal from the network.

Channel Rules

  • Channels may be freely registered on Snoonet, however if subreddit moderators claim an already-registered channel with the same name as their subreddit it shall be granted upon request.
  • Communities that have existed on Snoonet for a long period of time will be granted special exemptions. To prevent hostile takeovers of channels, Snoonet operations staff will work with the entire mod team of the subreddit to find the best solution.

Hello SubWatch, Farewell rAnnouncer

We're pleased to introduce SubWatch, a new bot on our network. Subwatch announces new reddit threads on your channel from subreddits of your choosing, and will be replacing rAnnouncer, which is being decommissioned. You will need to transfer your settings in order for your channel to continue receiving thread alerts.

To switch between rAnnouncer and SubWatch, please take the following steps:

• Type \subreddit list to view rAnnouncer's subreddits.

/invite SubWatch #channel to have SubWatch join your channel.

• Type $add [subreddit name] for each of the subreddits you wish to transfer.

/kick #channel rAnnouncer

Please note: you must be a channel operator or halfop to use these commands.

Want to keep a close eye on your subreddit? SubWatch is also capable of announcing threads based on keywords in the title, and can securely announce threads from private subreddits.

You can view the commands and further information here.

Change to the Default User Modes on Snoonet

We know that many communities are concerned about privacy for their users. To that end, in addition to masking user's IPs, we are now setting +I as a default usermode.

What does this mean?

Unless you /umode -I, users will now be unable to see channels that you are in. If you wish -I to persist, please type /msg nickserv keepmodes on

Looking for new channels?

If you are looking to find new channels, please visit

If you'd like your channel to be added to this list, please ask in #help or submit a ticket here.

Snoonet is hiring community staff!

Community staff will assist with various projects designed to improve the user experience on Snoonet. They will be expected to consult with communities, specifically with an eye to understanding community needs and suggesting tools and policies that should be developed to assist with community moderation and growth.

On a day-to-day basis, responsibilities will also include assisting with support requests in #help and in our ticket system, drafting communications about upcoming events or ongoing issues, and generally providing users and channel operators with support and assistance.


We are primarily looking for people with ideas, energy, and a willingness to contribute to the community. Community staff WILL be network operators, and as such, we are looking for people with knowledge of basic IRC commands, including how to set up channels and assist others in that respect.

We are NOT looking for operators who are solely interested in providing network support at this point in time. Applicants should be interested in working with communities and demonstrate the motivation, creativity, and initiative necessary to succeed on a volunteer team.

Applications and Inquiries

If you are interested in applying, please visit and send an application to

If you have any questions about our community team or our work, please feel free to PM Ari or ScarletAngel.

The ducks are migrating…

Something spooky is happening on Snoonet. The ducks must have been scared off by something…where did they go? Wait…that looks like meatcat, running for dear life out of #foreveralone! Did they finally chase him off? …WAIT! Is that a zombie behind him?

It’s time to choose: you can .bang the monsters and save your fellow redditors or .bef the monsters and let them eat all of your friends.

Later today, the monster hunt will be released.

Requesting Support

Going forward, please submit all support requests, including network ban appeals, through our support system.

The support system will allow us to track and respond to issues and inquiries in a more efficient and effective manner.

If you require immediate assistance and are not currently banned from the network, Snoonet staff will be happy to assist you in the IRC #help channel. Please keep in mind that you may be redirected back to the support system to create a request due to the nature of your request.

New Website

We are excited to announce that the new website is live. The new website features a more modern design and includes embedded Kiwi webchat at Accessing webchat through our website will allow users easier access to pages like our network rules, channel statistics, and help documentation while chatting.

Feedback on the new site and suggestions for the future can be provided in our #snoonet channel. We recommend tagging Diss, as our new website exists mostly thanks to his hard work!

Network and Channel Stats - Back Online

After much anticipation, network and channel stats are now back online! Invite statistics to your channel to enable stats. You can check them out by typing !stats in your channel or going to and clicking your channel name. See where you and your channel rank in the global statistics at To see other cool stat-related things go to

Just a reminder that if you’d like to opt out of statistics, you may type '/msg nickserv set chanstats off'. The data already collected will not be removed. This is recommended for channels who do not want their members or quotes from their chat made public.

If you haven’t already, you can also check out the services web portal at The services web portal will allow you to manage your modes and services information.

Update on Snoonet’s custom vhost program

A month ago, we trialed a new service allowing users to request a custom vhost of their choosing, provided the custom host didn’t contain any slurs or violate any pre-existing network rules.

Due to consensus among network staff and preparation for potential future network updates, we have decided to end this trial service.

Users will no longer be allowed to apply for custom vhosts, but users who received custom vhosts before today…

In Remembrance of Edify

Former long-time Snoonet network operator and reddit moderator /u/edify, remembered as Jarod Coonce by his friends and family, has passed away. He was known for organizing television AMAs, and made the television community on reddit – from /r/thewalkingdead to /r/breakingbad – what it is today.

Jarod continued his role on Snoonet as a community manager, bringing countless communities to the network during its formative years. He selflessly helped in any way he could. Jarod single-handedly introduced over 300 users to Snoonet overnight by bringing attention to the #BreakingBad subreddit IRC channel, and bringing Live AMAs to the network from Breaking Bad actors. He truly was a force for change, and he will be missed.

Snoonet extends our best wishes to his family and friends. He will be remembered far after his departure not only by us, but by his fellow moderators and the many people his actions touched.

You can find a link to most of the AMAs edify organized here. One of his favorite charities was A Place Called Home, a safe haven for children and teens in Los Angeles. If you’d like to donate in his name, you can do so here.

Network maintenance schedule

Our official timeframe for network maintenance is Tuesday Night into Wednesday Morning between 9 PM PDT and 2 AM PDT. If needed, general network maintenance, server updates, or bug fixes will be performed during this timeframe. All users will be warned via global notice whenever major network maintenance (rebooting hubs, etc) is necessary. Users on specific servers requiring maintenance will be notified by staff via NOTICE or Private Message atleast 24 hours in advance.

In the event of a newly released IRCd update, or new major vulnerability found with our base operating system, this schedule may be extended include Saturday Night/Sunday Morning.

Services Announcement

With the recent announcement of the end of major development of the Atheme IRC services suite, Snoonet has made the decision to convert the network to the Anope 2.0 services suite. This change will take affect on January 1st, 2015. Generally, there will be no change in the way you operate your channels, however, there are some differences in the services packages.

A conversion guide will be written in the near future, and Snoonet will assist channel ops one on one, if necessary, to make the transition as seamless as possible. We will provide updates in the near future. Please join #anopeconversion if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Rule Additions

Snoonet operations reserve the right to set temporary and permanent channel modes on any channel or user during attacks, to protect users from harmful spam messages (containing, or not containing), malicious dox (private information), malicious software/web pages, viruses, spam, flood. This rule will not allow for censorship and will only be considered when multiple users become targets for attackers. No private channels will be affected.

Examples of modes:

Setting channels to registered users only, modifying flood-toggles for channels, making users only receive messages from others that are familiar in channels, and incorporating the network utility sysop (System Operator) in channels where attacks are popular.


In addition to the no-dox rule. Posting of information about anybody's private life, school, home, hobbies and interests are prohibited unless publicly shared on the network, or a verbal agreement is given by the individual on which information is shared. Sharing information about yourself is at your discretion, and we will not punish any user for information that you shared in a public chat. Punishment of this rule will result in a ban from the network ranging from one month to permanent dismissal. To sum it up, nothing that a reasonable person would deem as 'private information' may be shared with others. We will enforce it by looking in to how the information can be abused, or used to one's advantage before issuing a warning or ban.

BNC, Subreddit VHOST, and powerful user channel modes

Want to always have your IRC nick connected? Be able to log in to your IRC nickname and resume your session from any computer, or device, from any any where at any time.

We now offer BNC access for our users to connect to. This is a service that keeps an IRC nickname always connected to Snoonet and displays messages and chats you might have normally missed as soon as you log on. The service only allows you to have a bouncer (software: ZNC) connected to Snoonet, but will remain connected to Snoonet forever. If you do not log on the service for one full week, the bouncer will automatically be removed, and you'll have to apply again.

  • /requestbnc - Type this command in any window on IRC and wait for a MemoServ/e-mail to be sent. You must be registered with NickServ to obtain access.

Big fan of a certain subreddit? Want a subreddit vhost? All you need is ChanServ access to the subreddit's channel! User vhosts mask your address as *@subreddit/username

  • /vhost #subredditchannel - Only subreddits with 45 users or more in the channel will be accepted. This is to deter creating a subreddit or channel and having any mask desired.

New Powerful IRC Modes

Our IRC sofrware now allows powerful channel modes to be set to control user population, spam attacks, or simply making your IRC chat easier to read and manage. Check out the channel mode list here! We've provided some documentation, but if you need more assistance feel free to ask us in #help on Snoonet.

Client Modes to make IRC easier

Again, our IRC software now allows for powerful usermodes to be set (/umode +modeshere) with features that can help the busiest of moderators and those wanting more privacy. Check out the user modes here! If you need any help, feel free to ask us in #help on Snoonet

Snoonet will be turning 2 on Apr 28!

On Apr. 28, 2014 Snoonet will be turning 2 years old! Many of the top 50 subreddit's well respected mods have made a name for themselves as staff on the network. Alongside a few reddit admins that operate behind the scenes, we'd like to thank the subreddits and the users of Snoonet for calling our IRC network their chat home.

What makes us unique? We are the first and only IRC network welcoming community oriented chats for - We were created by rdv and Paradox who at the time was a admin looking to give more to the community. We have an API backend to allow subreddits to easily configure and set up a chat on the network for their subreddits, bringing live chat straight from the threads.

For our second birthday we'd like to give back! Visit us in /r/Snoonet and post a thread with idea(s) we can offer to the users!

As of today, our top 10 consistent IRC communities are:

#reddit (Owners: Paradox, rdv)

#Games (Owners: Deimorz, Pharnaces)

#news (Owner: douglasmacarthur)

#f1 (Owners: Kreius, Vilkku, opiates)

#sex (Owner: Elderthedog)

#subredditdrama (Owner: MillenniumFalc0n)

#TechSupport (Owner: Mikee)

#android (Owner: IAmAN00bie)

#bicycling (Owner: Wiggee)

#anxiety (Owner: aperson)

Wildcard Event Channel:

#redditsquaredcircle (Owner: LegaleseFalcon)

NickServ AJOIN

This post is a PSA about a NickServ module we've recently enabled that will allow you to be auto-joined to a list of channels you've set upon identifying. This should be especially useful to webchat users due to the lack of client-side auto-join. To add a channel to your autojoin list use /msg nickserv ajoin add #channelname

To delete a channel from your autojoin list use /msg nickserv ajoin del #channelname

To see the channels currently on your autojoin list you can use /msg nickserv ajoin list

As a reminder, you can get information and help with syntax on any NickServ or ChanServ command by messaging the appropriate service “help command”. So to see the syntax for the ajoin command you would do /msg nickserv help ajoin

Snoonet’s birthday

Snoonet IRC network is 1 year old today - first live on 28th April 2012.

We've had some stability issues in the early days, but things have smoothed out nicely over the year.

Today we are host to over 70 active reddit communities, over 1000 regular users and 12 servers.

Here's to IRC and the future!

Hiring Support Staff

As we are growing and plans are coming in to play for reddit users to enter by the masses, we are hiring support staff with advanced knowledge of charybdis and atheme who can be on to help users. It is an entry position to progress through staff, and on to paid positions. Mods in this position will be granted certain privileges and expected to help users with common IRC issues. The webchat has been updated to make it more new-user friendly, however hundreds if not thousands of users will have questions and concerns. Our goal is to be there for them.

We are asking for 10-15 support staff

If you'd like to help Snoonet on this journey, e-mail with:

  • IRC Alias
  • Operator/Staff Experience on IRC
  • Knowledge of Atheme IRC Services
  • Knowledge of Charybdis
  • Your location in the world / Timezone
  • Availability to help
  • Any communities/subreddits/IRC Channels you moderate on a day to day basis

01/14/2013 - Gaming, Webchat, Network News

IRC News

On Wednesday, Jan. 16 we will be issuing patches and features for the Snoonet Webchat ( We are creating a backend for channels to be managed through a webpanel which will be the alpha stage for reddit/other communities' users to remotely set up/modify/view/update their community's IRC channel access lists and settings, including ban lists and invex lists. For other IRC networks out there, check out as the developer has a lot of goals and a lot of options available to bring a live webchat to your network.

We will be creating a few customized IRC bots that will offer a variety of options for different types of communities.

Some examples will be a VIP-Ask Me Anything robot which will moderate the channel, and accept questions for VIPs to answer directly. The system will work by users submitting a question, and a moderator will approve the question. The questions will remain in a queue until the user is voiced, the bot states the question and the VIP and the user have a short period of time to ask and answer questions before moving on. All questions, answers, and conversation will be compiled in to a markup post which can easily be posted (or automatically) to a reddit thread where the Ask Me Anything thread may possibly continue.

A channel protection bot for channel operators/moderators to utilize and change the settings of to set a 'bad words' type filter list, where they may set punishments for bad words, phrases, links, etc. The bot will also have options to control punishing flooding/repeat lines/repeat offenders, as well as manage the ban lists. This is for channels that grow in size and need moderation while operators/mods aren't around. For those familiar with our network bot 'sysop' - it will be a user controlled/managed bot controlled by channel mods.

While the above may be boring/uninteresting to some,


Our network co-founder Paradox and network operator, Ricin will be hosting a large-scale Minecraft server for users to play on. More news will be posted about it as they will require help in moderating the server/keeping an eye on things. If you have any suggestions for other games you'd like hosted, feel free to contact us in #SnoonetGaming , or e-mail

We have the resources to host multiple game servers, and will be hosting these servers while we code and produce the competitive gaming tournament aspect of, where teams can compete in games to win cash, or play for free to win smaller prizes. (More can be read in our mission statement!)[]

So in the upcoming days, you'll see a few changes to the webchat, as well as us announcing our Minecraft / other server information.

If you have any suggestions/questions, we can be contacted on IRC in #snoonet ( - or

Thank you for reading, and making Snoonet possible!

-Shane 'rdv' Allen / Operations

Snoonet Maintenance

On Monday, Jan. 7 at 2AM EST we will be issuing updates to the Snoonet IRCd servers.

There will be some brief splits as we upgrade the operating systems on two of the nodes. We will be adding more nodes for clients to connect to for both IPv4 and IPv6. As our webchat reaches a more capable stage, these updates will be to prepare for the widespread user count anticipated by newcomers from Reddit Enhancement Suite/Reddit links.

We will keep services downtime to a minimum, anticipating very little downtime.

Snoonet is working on other projects aside from IRC/live chat services, and more news will be shared as the days come.

We are also seeking client servers. We have plenty of servers, but we feel as if they will be of use in the very near future. If you can help, please e-mail and we will continue from there. Please have advanced knowledge and experience moderating large communities!

Snoonet is here for ALL communities, reddit and otherwise. If you'd like to help us provide for the communities, shoot us an e-mail!

If you have any concerns/questions, feel free to post at / e-mail us at / ask us in #help

Sincerely, Snoonet Staff

Snoonet Updates

Email Support

We have set up an e-mail for those in need of support if they are having connection issues, or need any type of support outside of the chat network. Any suggestions or requests for any thing Snoonet are highly encouraged as well. This can be done by contacting us at - Be sure to include your nickname in the e-mail!

Keeping in Touch

We will be announcing things as we work on them via wallops (/mode yournick +w) for those interested, and discussing things in #snoonet - Recently we changed the default connect mode so users may opt in to these messages, rather than having to opt-out for things they are not concerned with.


Snooonet webchat will be greatly updated. Much more stable and integrated more with the reddit lifestyle you know and love. It should be easier for everybody to use. We have made sure that all your existing webchat links will still work as normal so no need to worry about that.

This will now pave the way for subreddit mods to embed or customize Snoonet webchat for their own communities. You may link to your IRC channel (chat room) with

SSL/Fingerprint Information

Due to recent changes in the Snoonet network infrastructure, our servers now use a single, self-signed certificate for all secure (SSL) connections. For our security-conscious clients, the below fingerprints may be used to verify the identity of a Snoonet server:


The reason for self-signing is to offer encryption and security for those who seek it while handle issues with our paid/valid certificate to work with the IRCds. Our staff has been working very hard to make things the way the need to be after the unfortunate events with the .com to .org address change.