IRC Servers

IRC Servers

Network Maintenance

Our official timeframe for network maintenance is Wednesdays between 12 AM (midnight) PDT and 2 AM PDT. If needed, general network maintenance, server updates, or bug fixes will be performed during this timeframe. We will occasionally perform urgent maintenance during Sunday nights.

IPv4 and IPv6 Round Robin Connectivity : 6667 (6697 for SSL)

IPv6 only Round Robin : 6667 (6697 for SSL)

Asia-Pacific Servers only Round Robin : 6667 (6697 for SSL)

European Servers only Round Robin : 6667 (6697 for SSL)

Tor Connectivity

Our TOR hidden service is currently unavailable.

Please visit here for more information.

You may access the Snoonet IRC network from any IRC client using any of the above addresses.

We use a signed wildcard certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Our SSL fingerprint is: