Why Snoonet?

Snoonet is a network run by redditors, for redditors.

  • Thousands of redditors and hundreds of subreddits already use Snoonet every day.
  • Snoonet provides better security and support because of our focus on reddit users and reddit communities.
  • We serve as a centralized reddit hub. Whether you’re a casual or serious user, there’s a reddit-related channel for you.

Snoonet protects your privacy

  • IPs and registration information are visible only to yourself and Snoonet Staff.
  • User channels are hidden from their WHOIS - Other users cannot view what channels you are in unless you explicitly allow it.
  • Private messages can be restricted to only users you want to message you

For more information, please see our Privacy and Security page.

Snoonet offers a free BNC (ZNC)

  • Learn about our BNC setup, and policy. Exceptions can be made for users from large subreddits.
  • Don’t miss out on chats, we offer an always connected service so your nickname stays connected 24/7.
  • Make sure to have a registered nickname before issuing this command: /requestbnc

Snoonet offers notifications to your phone, tablet, or mobile device

  • Read more about push notifications to keep up-to-date on IRC when away from your computer.
  • Receive a notification on your mobile device whenever you are pinged or messaged.
  • Reply directly from your device using your client of choice.

Snoonet offers subreddit vhosts (*@subreddit/username)

  • You need to have a registered nickname in order to use this command. You must also be in the appropriate subreddit channel with 40 or more users (and be on the access list):
  • Please inquire in #help or open a ticket on our support platform to have your vhost assigned.

Snoonet offers custom services and policies catered to reddit and unique to our network.

  • Channel bots created specifically for redditors, which any channel op can /invite.
    • SubWatch - automatically posts subreddit threads, is able to watch private subreddits and announce threads based on keywords in the title.
    • gonzobot - a customized Cloudbot implementation for the communities on Snoonet.
  • Priority enforcement for reddit nicks and channels. Mods of corresponding subreddits get preference for IRC channels, and unlike on Freenode and other networks, you no longer have to use the #reddit-channelname format. Additionally, If you own a username on reddit, you will be able to use the corresponding nickname on Snoonet.
  • Custom webchat built in cooperation with Snoonet, and simple, short-form channel links (https://webchat.snoonet.org//channelname).