Network Rules

All communities are welcome until they bring hatred to other communities or users. If your users are being consistently disruptive and bothersome to other communities, your channel may face removal. While we do understand that no one user represents an entire community, we strive to bring the best experience possible to all users on Snoonet.

  1. User Rules
  2. Network Conduct
  3. Channel Rules

User Rules

Nicknames / NickServ

  • Available names may be freely registered with NickServ so long as they do not violate network policy.
  • There is a maximum of 5 grouped nicknames per account. Use NickServ‘s GROUP command as opposed to REGISTER.
  • Nickname squatting is not permitted. We ask that all registered or grouped names be put to use.
  • Your nickname may not contain any racial slurs or bigotry. Names in violation of this are subject to being dropped and/or prohibited, with repeat offenders being banned.
  • Temporary/disposable email addresses are prohibited. Snoonet reserves the right to delete your registration if you register with a false/throwaway email address.
  • By default, nicknames have an insane expiration date. Upon request in the #help channel, single accounts with only 1 name and at least 1 year of inactivity may be dropped. Nicknames grouped (/NS GROUP) to any single account may be ungrouped/dropped after at least 6 months of inactivity. Requests for nicknames to be dropped will be subject to staff discretion. Requests for nicknames that violate Snoonet guidelines will be refused.


  • You will receive an initial hostmask when you connect to Snoonet. This hostmask does not show your IP address. When you register an account with Snoonet and confirm your registration via e-mail, you will receive a default user cloak. If you do not wish to have a user cloak after confirming your name, please ask for it to be removed in #help.
  • For channels of a specific size, vanity hosts may be available. At this time, this option is available for users with specific privileges in channels with fifty (50) users or more. Please visit #help for assistance.
  • Custom vanity hosts are not offered except in special circumstances, such as network events.


  • You may freely run an IRC bot on this network, providing that it conforms to our terms of service and other network rules as outlined both above and below. Bots should have their own registered account and must have a user/USERNAME/bot/BOTNAME vhost. You may also wish to set the +B user mode on your bot so it may be identified as a bot on the network. For assistance in getting your bot up and running, please join #help and someone will be happy to assist you.

Network Conduct

Network-Wide Rules

  • Repeated and/or intentional ban evasion may earn you a timed network ban. To request a ban appeal, follow the policy of appeals (where one exists) or message the banning OP. Bans from Snoonet network channels or the Snoonet IRC network in its entirety must be addressed via support ticket.
  • Please respect your fellow users. Do not intentionally harass other users. This includes “trolling”. Action may be taken on a channel-to-channel basis, where such rules exist. If harassment is persistent, across multiple channels or targets a specific user for a length of time, the offending user may be banned.
  • Get along with others! We understand that there are multiple types of humor, but do not excessively attack any other user on this network. Please note that sarcasm doesn’t translate well over IRC.
  • Posting the personal information of others is grounds for a permanent network ban. Attempting to collect personal info of users is dealt with in the same manner.
  • No solicitation. This includes, but is not limited to, public spam, private message spam, repeated solicitation of services, solicitation of other network channels, and vote brigading on social media (eg. encouraging others to upvote/downvote a thread on reddit).
  • Solicitation of services for financial gain is only permitted by asking the channel operators.
  • No user is to request money from others. While we understand many are in times of need, please register a gofundme account and state why you are asking for money. Please ask permission from the channel operators. Begging, and contacting multiple users requesting money is a network offense and will be dealt with warnings and removal from the network.
  • Listen to network staff. They can be identified by the “snoonet/rank/nickname” hostmask. /whois NICKNAME to confirm that they are a Snoonet staff member. You can view the staff directory here
  • Do not ignore network operators or channel operators. If you have an issue with the conduct of a network operator, kindly open an “Abuse” support ticket and your complaint will be noted and addressed. Issues with the conduct of an operator in a specific channel should be addressed with that channel directly.
  • User impersonation is prohibited. If you’re found to be intentionally impersonating Snoonet users, you may face removal from the network for a length of time to be decided at the time of incident.

For Your Information

  • Please don’t spam/flood the network. If you need to paste a large chunk of text, consider Automated tools are in use that have the capability of accidentally banning innocent flooders.
  • If a channel is getting spammed and no operators are around, or if you just need help with something network-related, join #help.

Channel Rules

Registering a Channel

  • Channels may be freely registered and/or opened on Snoonet so long as they do not violate network policy.
  • If you would like to claim an abandoned channel please /join #help and request assistance. Channels no longer in use may be dropped. This is offered as a privilege and not a right, and such decisions are subject to staff discretion.
  • Snoonet has the right to suspend or close any channels that encourage illegal activity or otherwise expose the network to liability.
  • Unicode channel names are not allowed.
  • A maximum of 10 channels may be registered by a single user.
  • Please do not mass register channels that have no meaning or to “reserve” a channel you do not intend on using. These channels are subject to being dropped; repeat offenders may be banned.


  • Private logging of channels is permitted unless explicitly prohibited by a specific channel. Snoonet requests that channel logs not be made public unless consent has been given by the channel in question.