Snoonet is a community hub for decentralization!

Snoonet is pleased to support and work with decentralization! We would like to announce a bridge from matrix clients to IRC! Have a gander at to see what we’re about!

Feel free to try it out as well using’s client: - Be sure to register and select #Snoonet from the drop down!

Our core belief will always focus on security, privacy, stability, freedom of speech, and most importantly the inter-connection of people within your communities. We are happy to be a community hub for all people, of any community to connect to.

What does this mean for me?

tldr; Snoonet will be a community hub for decentralized clients within

This means you can be connected to every thing, and everybody. You will be anonymous and secured, and able to access’s IRC communities. Most importantly, you’re connected within the matrix securely and can . You will have no limitations on who or what you connect with.

Snoonet will be a community hub for users as well as normal IRC, and users that connect to us through the OrangeChat bridge.

Take a peek at to see what it’s about!