Push Notifications - Never miss an important message again

Snoonet is excited to add push notifications, a new way to stay up-to-date when away from your computer. Powered by PushBullet, Snoonet can now send a notification to your mobile device when pinged or PMed while away from your computer. With push, never miss an important message again.

What is push?

Push notifications are a free, convenient way to get notified when someone sends you a private message, mentions you in a channel, or says one of your highlight words while you are away from IRC. Notifications can be sent to your phone, tablet, mobile device, computer, or web browser.


In order to receive push notifications, you’ll need a Snoonet BNC account, a PushBullet account, and the PushBullet app installed on any devices on which you wish to receive notifications. Instructions can be found in the setup instructions below.

To start receiving notifications, visit our push page. Configuration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

If you need assistance, please ask in #help and someone will assist you.