Moving Forward!

Moving Forward: Management Changes

Welcome our new Network Director

We would like to announce the appointment of bloodygonzo as our new Network Director. Bloodygonzo will be responsible for leading and making executive decisions for Snoonet, and will have final say regarding network operations going forward. Many of you already know bloodygonzo from his involvement in Snoonet communities, including the popular network bot, gonzobot. He’s distinguished himself as a leader on the network and a champion for increasing community interaction.

Network Leadership

Jeff “Paradox” Sandberg and Shane “rdv” Allen will be moving to founder roles, retiring from day-to-day operations. They remain as network owners and will provide input and advice to network operations where appropriate, and will continue to play a role in identifying talent and managing staff.


bloodygonzo has made your network community bot gonzobot! You can see it here and utilize it! He helps new-comers with creating python modules, and has the idea of helping every body that needs something in their community! You can contact bloodygonzo at for additional information!

What does this mean?

We expect to continue to strive towards the goals of our Mission Statement. We’ll continue supporting communities as usual, offering network assistance in #help and discussion in #snoonet. Expect updates from bloodygonzo in the New Year as we move forward together.

The new network director will be focusing entirely on the mission statement

Keep it real.