Update on Snoonet's custom vhost program

A month ago, we trialed a new service allowing users to request a custom vhost of their choosing, provided the custom host didn’t contain any slurs or violate any pre-existing network rules.

Due to consensus among network staff and preparation for potential future network updates, we have decided to end this trial service.

Users will no longer be allowed to apply for custom vhosts, but users who received custom vhosts before today will be able to keep them if they wish to do so. Those with custom vhosts who wish to revert back to a normal @user/accountname vhost should ask in #help and an oper will switch the vhost back.

Community vhosts, e.g. @xboxone/XenoBen, can still be requested for users with flags in any channel which has over 40 members. If you have flags in a snoonet community or chat channel which meets the member requirement, you can request a custom @communityname/accountname vhost by typing /vhost #channel, or asking for assistance in #help.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our vhost services, you can ask an oper in #snoonet (for general questions) or #help (for technical questions).