In Remembrance of Edify

Former long-time Snoonet network operator and reddit moderator /u/edify, remembered as Jarod Coonce by his friends and family, has passed away. He was known for organizing television AMAs, and made the television community on reddit – from /r/thewalkingdead to /r/breakingbad – what it is today.

Jarod continued his role on Snoonet as a community manager, bringing countless communities to the network during its formative years. He selflessly helped in any way he could. Jarod single-handedly introduced over 300 users to Snoonet overnight by bringing attention to the #BreakingBad subreddit IRC channel, and bringing Live AMAs to the network from Breaking Bad actors. He truly was a force for change, and he will be missed.

Snoonet extends our best wishes to his family and friends. He will be remembered far after his departure not only by us, but by his fellow moderators and the many people his actions touched.

You can find a link to most of the AMAs edify organized here. One of his favorite charities was A Place Called Home, a safe haven for children and teens in Los Angeles. If you’d like to donate in his name, you can do so here.