Privacy Concerns

Our Privacy Mission

There’s been chatter about Snoonet, or myself Shane “rdv” Allen individually as Snoonet’s owner that we log all traffic on Snoonet, which is incorrect. I’ll clarify in a short, simple post.

These accusations are false, the logs are fabricated, and targeted to hinder Snoonet’s vision. Snoonet does not log messages on its network, or have any ability to spy on its users. The staff all work together to keep each other accountable for their actions. I would be no exception, even as Snoonet’s owner.

However the users on Snoonet do keep private logs of the channels they are in, which can not be avoided on any platform.

I personally was doxxed, harassed, threatened, and belittled. However, I’ll take one for the team.

I made a post clarifying the situation here on reddit


If you feel your messages are being spied on by your internet service provider, the government, or even on Snoonet’s end, please connect to on port 6697. We have a signed certificate for secure authentication. If you need help setting up your IRC client, please ask in #help

Extra security online

Snoonet will be working directly with Private Internet Access to provide users with home VPNs for their home devices. This will help increase anonymity if users such are looking for extra security online. The details have not yet been worked out on its partnership, however we look to have the ability to offer free, or reduced payment to users on Snoonet.

If you would like to apply/be in the queue for a Private Internet Access VPN, make a post with this form

Snoonet’s Mission Statement

This is a reminder of what Snoonet is about. Trolls will not sway this vision.