Hello SubWatch, Farewell rAnnouncer

We’re pleased to introduce SubWatch, a new bot on our network. Subwatch announces new reddit threads on your channel from subreddits of your choosing, and will be replacing rAnnouncer, which is being decommissioned. You will need to transfer your settings in order for your channel to continue receiving thread alerts.

To switch between rAnnouncer and SubWatch, please take the following steps:

• Type \subreddit list to view rAnnouncer’s subreddits.

/invite SubWatch #channel to have SubWatch join your channel.

• Type $add [subreddit name] for each of the subreddits you wish to transfer.

/kick #channel rAnnouncer

Please note: you must be a channel operator or halfop to use these commands.

Want to keep a close eye on your subreddit? SubWatch is also capable of announcing threads based on keywords in the title, and can securely announce threads from private subreddits.

You can view the commands and further information here.