Rule Additions

Snoonet operations reserve the right to set temporary and permanent channel modes on any channel or user during attacks, to protect users from harmful spam messages (containing, or not containing), malicious dox (private information), malicious software/web pages, viruses, spam, flood. This rule will not allow for censorship and will only be considered when multiple users become targets for attackers. No private channels will be affected.

Examples of modes:

Setting channels to registered users only, modifying flood-toggles for channels, making users only receive messages from others that are familiar in channels, and incorporating the network utility sysop (System Operator) in channels where attacks are popular.


In addition to the no-dox rule. Posting of information about anybody’s private life, school, home, hobbies and interests are prohibited unless publicly shared on the network, or a verbal agreement is given by the individual on which information is shared. Sharing information about yourself is at your discretion, and we will not punish any user for information that you shared in a public chat. Punishment of this rule will result in a ban from the network ranging from one month to permanent dismissal. To sum it up, nothing that a reasonable person would deem as ‘private information’ may be shared with others. We will enforce it by looking in to how the information can be abused, or used to one’s advantage before issuing a warning or ban.