Snoonet will be turning 2 on Apr 28!

On Apr. 28, 2014 Snoonet will be turning 2 years old! Many of the top 50 subreddit’s well respected mods have made a name for themselves as staff on the network. Alongside a few reddit admins that operate behind the scenes, we’d like to thank the subreddits and the users of Snoonet for calling our IRC network their chat home.

What makes us unique? We are the first and only IRC network welcoming community oriented chats for - We were created by rdv and Paradox who at the time was a admin looking to give more to the community. We have an API backend to allow subreddits to easily configure and set up a chat on the network for their subreddits, bringing live chat straight from the threads.

For our second birthday we’d like to give back! Visit us in /r/Snoonet and post a thread with idea(s) we can offer to the users!

As of today, our top 10 consistent IRC communities are:

#reddit (Owners: Paradox, rdv)

#Games (Owners: Deimorz, Pharnaces)

#news (Owner: douglasmacarthur)

#f1 (Owners: Kreius, Vilkku, opiates)

#sex (Owner: Elderthedog)

#subredditdrama (Owner: MillenniumFalc0n)

#TechSupport (Owner: Mikee)

#android (Owner: IAmAN00bie)

#bicycling (Owner: Wiggee)

#anxiety (Owner: aperson)

Wildcard Event Channel:

#redditsquaredcircle (Owner: LegaleseFalcon)