Volunteer Recruitment

Sorry, we are not currently accepting applications at this time.

We are looking for people who are active and engaged in our IRC communities and are interested in contributing to the network on a broader scale. Volunteers will work with the Snoonet community staff to help grow Snoonet and help serve our communities better. If you have ideas about how we can accomplish these goals and have some spare time to volunteer, we would love to hear from you. Community volunteers will assist with a variety of things, including sharing your opinions on staff projects, helping with future events & contests, and helping us bring new communities to Snoonet. Specifically, community volunteers will work with subreddit communities and provide advice to staff. Volunteers will help expand the subreddit communities on Snoonet and focus on helping them get set up and providing them with general support and assistance. Community volunteers will consult with communities, specifically with an eye to understanding their needs and advising staff on tools and policies that should be developed to assist with community moderation and growth. We are primarily looking for people with ideas, energy, and a willingness to contribute to the community. Community volunteers will not be network operators, and as such, extensive familiarity with IRC commands, prior experience, and a specific time commitment are not required. We are looking for people with knowledge of basic IRC commands, including how to set up channels and assist others in that respect. If joining Snoonet staff is something that interests you, this would be a great way to get to know us, gain experience working with our communities, and be considered for future staffing needs. If you are interested in applying, please visit the [Volunteer Application](/volunteer-recruitment) and send an application to [apply@snoonet.org](mailto:apply@snoonet.org).