All communities are welcome until they bring hatred to other users or communities as a whole. If your users are being consistently disruptive and bothersome to other communities, your channel may face removal. While we do understand that no one user represents an entire community, we strive to bring the best experience possible to all users on Snoonet.

User Rules


  • Available nicknames may be freely registered with NickServ.
  • Users may have 5 grouped nicknames per account. Use NickServ's GROUP command as opposed to REGISTER.
  • Nickname squatting is not permitted. We ask that all nicknames registered or grouped be put to use.
  • A user with a corresponding name may request ownership of their nick on IRC. If you own a username on reddit and it has already been registered on IRC, tell us in #help and an oper will assist you. Please note, accounts must be registered for an appropriate amount of time, as determined by network staff.
  • Nicknames may not contain any racial slurs or bigotry. If a nick contains slurs or bigotry, it will be dropped. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Please refrain from setting ignore on staff, and think twice about ignoring channel ops. If you have an issue with a staff member’s conduct, please modmail /r/snoonetstaff or message a Snoonet Manager on IRC and it will be addressed appropriately.
  • Snoonet reserves the right to refuse or drop your registration if you register with a false/throwaway email address. Temporary/disposable email addresses are prohibited.
  • If you haven't logged into your account for six or more months, and another user requests your nickname, your account may be dropped.
  • If you haven't used a grouped username for three or more months, and another user requests the grouped nickname, it may be ungrouped from your account.
  • Exceptions apply if the nickname is attached to a reddit username, provided that reddit username is over three months old.


  • By default, a user's IP address is partially masked upon connection to Snoonet. Upon successful registration and account verification via nickserv, a vhost in the format of user/accountname will be assigned. If this doesn't work or if you'd like to remove your vhost, contact an oper in #help and we will assist you.
  • Subreddit specific hostnames are now available, please visit #help for assistance.


  • Users may freely host bots on the network. All user bots must have a nickserv account and an appropriate bot vhost/cloak. In order to receive a cloak for your bot, ask in #help and an oper will assist you.

Network Conduct


  • Solicitation of services to earn financial gain is only permitted by asking the channel operators.
  • No user is to request money from others. While we understand many are in times of need, please register a gofundme account and state why you are asking for money. Please ask permission from the channel operators. Begging, and contacting multiple users requesting money is a network offense and will be dealt with warnings and removal from the network.
  • Please respect your fellow users. Do not intentionally harass other users. This includes “trolling”. Action may be taken on a channel-to-channel basis, depending on rules. If harassment is persistent or across multiple channels, it may be met with a network ban.
  • Get along with others! We understand that there are multiple types of humor, but do not excessively attack any other user on this network. Please note that sarcasm doesn’t translate well over IRC.
  • Posting the personal information of others is grounds for a permanent network ban. Attempting to collect personal info of users is dealt with in the same manner.
  • If you are banned from a channel, do not re-enter that channel on another host. This is ban evasion and is grounds for a network ban.
  • Do not advertise. This includes, but is not limited to, public spam, private message spam, repeated solicitation of services, solicitation of other network channels, and vote brigading (encouraging others to upvote/downvote a thread on reddit).
  • Listen to staff. They can be identified by the “snoonet/rank/nickname” hostmask. /whois NICKNAME to confirm that they are a Snoonet staff member. You can view the staff directory here
  • Do not impersonate Reddit users. If you are suspected of doing so, we will investigate the issue. If you are found to be impersonating other users, you will be banned from the network for a minimum of 1 week or more, depending on other offenses, at our discretion.


  • Don't flood! If you need to paste a big chunk of text, use, or a similar service. Flooding a channel with large chunks of text will set off automated network protection systems that may get you /kill-ed or auto-killed.
  • Any and all forms of piracy are prohibited on the network, and will result in a permanent network ban. Our services are in adherence to US law.
  • If a channel is getting spammed and no operators are around, or if you just need help with something, join #help.

Channel Rules

Registering a Channel

  • Channels may be freely registered on Snoonet, however if subreddit moderators claim an already-registered channel with the same name as their subreddit it shall be granted upon request.
  • Communities that have existed on Snoonet for a long period of time will be granted special exemptions. To prevent hostile takeovers of channels, Snoonet operations staff will work with the entire mod team of the subreddit to find the best solution.
  • Non-subreddit channels should be registered in the following format: ##example
  • An exception may be granted if the subreddit moderators give permission, or if the channel's IRC community was run by a select group on freenode from past #reddit-* name space channels.
  • For non subreddit channels, making a clone or copy of an existing subreddit channel is prohibited. (Example, do not register a ##reddit or ##r4r)
  • Snoonet has the right to suspend or close any channels that encourage illegal activity or otherwise expose the network to liability.
  • Unicode channel names are not allowed.
  • A maximum of 10 channels may be registered by a single user.
  • Do not mass register channels! Doing so will result in a network ban.
  • Repeated ban evasion will earn you a network ban.
  • If case you want to claim a channel for a private subreddit you need to:
    • Contact a staff member in #help
    • Have the staffer message the subreddit's modmail, and reply on reddit.


  • Logging of channels is permitted unless specified by a channel owner. However, Snoonet requests that the channel logs not be made public unless given permission by staff or the channel owner. Not all users want their writing made public.