#writerchat /r/writerchat

Why /r/writerchat

A lot of communities, here on Reddit and elsewhere, have a mythical veil placed around writing. It makes people believe that writing is something fantastical when it is not. Writer Chat is here to help de-mystify that veil and encourage everyone to write, with no crap added on.

We have a strong sense of community and welcome every writer, whether they are new to writing or already a professional. We are not limited to a genre; in fact, we encourage diversity. We hold weekly threads and monthly contests in order to encourage participation in the community.

We have an active chat room where a lot of the writers in the community like to hang out for live feedback in addition to just shooting the breeze. You can check it out at #writerchat on irc.snoonet.org

As for critiquing, a lot of people have complained about the lack of a strong online community to find critique partners. /r/writerchat aims to fill that gap.

A brief history of /r/writerchat

Writer Chat started out as a private chat room on a completely different server than Snoonet, with no subreddit whatsoever. In order to avoid Reddit drama and the works, the chat room was selective with whom it let enter.

After spending some time in the private chat room and developing our friendly neighborhood bot, Ampersand, the majority of the chat wanted to open doors to the public. Writer Chat then created a subreddit and moved to Snoonet, where it became public.

The subreddit was unused and unadvertised for five months until August 2016, when the moderators of the chat room decided to actively seek new members in order to expand. Weekly threads, word war weekends, and monthly contests were then implemented in order to help with expansion.

/r/writerchat goals

/r/writerchat aims to be a community where writers of all kinds can gather and feel at home, whether it be in the chat room or on the subreddit. We ask our members to contribute to the community through critique and through content.

We have only two rules:

Don’t be an asshole Don’t make us add more rules Just these two rules have been the backbone of our attitudes and have worked well for over a year. Everyone in the community has a similar mindset for respect and helpfulness.

When you join IRC

You’ll be greeted by our friendly neighborhood bot, Ampersand. Don’t be alarmed!

If no one else says anything, feel free to wait around for a while; the chat is active at all hours of the day and our members are always ready to help, give guidance, and just shoot the breeze.

For all other questions…

Feel free to message one of the OPs of the IRC or head over to /r/writerchat on Reddit and send a modmail.

We also have a wiki that is constantly being updated.