#subredditdrama /r/subredditdrama

/r/subredditdrama is where you go to watch other people on reddit argue. It was first started when there were several highly upvoted posts on /r/reddit.com about user-v-mod conflict. This is the very thread in which it was created.

Although it was initially founded to be a meta subreddit for general drama and calling out mod abuse, as the community grew (and became kinda witchhunt-y) new rules about neutrality were added and the subreddit’s purpose shifted to linking arguments. The mods idealize the subreddit as a place to draw entertainment out of other people fighting, but a lot of our users draw a lot of entertainment of discussing (and rehashing) the fights that are linked.

If you’re a meta redditor, if you like drama, or you want to know keep up with whatever current reddit shitstorm is brewing, /r/subredditdrama is the place.

#subredditdrama is a casual channel for discussion of drama and just about anything else. Saying mean things about MillenniumFalc0n will earn you the respect of every one. Except MillenniumFalc0n, of course, because he hates fun.