#scotland /r/scotland

Can you give us a description of your community: what it’s about, what rules you may have and any resources you would like to include?

  • It’s fairly self explanatory, really. It’s the national subreddit for the country, Scotland! Open to any and all, though we have our number one rule that each post must be related to Scottish matters (either directly or indirectly).

What inspired this community?

  • Again, self-explanatory - it’s the national subreddit! Much like /r/Columbia or /r/Iran.

What sets your community apart from others?

  • We are extremely sarcastic, but very friendly. It sounds somewhat oxymoronic but hey - we like to think of ourselves complicated.

What is your goal with this community?

  • Online bonds, general banter, sharing of news, making friends or a support group - whatever our subscribers want it to be.

What is your community (in)famous for?

  • Swearing. Irreverence in general, really! We can take a joke, we can laugh at ourselves, we are very strongly opinionated but we are very friendly and I like to think helpful too :)

What is the most popular post of all time in the subreddit?

  • That’s an easy one. This post of this image, during the referendum. That was a period of great turmoil in the sub!

Do you have any favorite quotes or posts from your users?

  • I have one user in particular who I always enjoy reading comments from, but I won’t mention their name here as it would be a personal choice and it’s not up to me to mention them! But one of their comments that I love was on the topic of what it feels like to get kicked in the nuts:
  • “I’d say it’s more like pain and nausea had a baby together, and that baby is trying to gnaw it’s way downward and out through your guts and ballsack.”

What have you learned from being a part of this community?

  • Develop a thick skin. Don’t rise to the gr8 b8 m8.

Does your community have any traditions or special events?

  • Hunners. The Homecoming, Rabbie Burns Night, St Andrew’s Day, Haggis, Irn Bru, Whisky…the list goes on :)

Does your community have any associated social media or websites? (facebook/twitter/instagram/etc) Also, follow us on Twitter!

  • Not yet!