#portugal /r/portugal

Can you give us a description of your community: what it’s about, what rules you may have and any resources you would like to include?

  • Our community serves the purpose of discussing Portugal or portuguese in the world, that’s our main rule too.

What inspired this community?

  • There was a need for it I guess.

What sets your community apart from others?

  • We’re a friendly people and like to help strangers. We also have francesinhas and pastéis de nata.

What is your goal with this community?

  • Discuss everything related to our beautiful country and help each others out.

What is your community (in)famous for?

  • We once made the news but we don’t like to talk about that.

What is the most popular post of all time in the subreddit?

  • Photos of an old Portugal. We have a flair just for our best posts and it’s one of the best there.

Do you have any favorite quotes or posts from your users?

  • “Bitoque Caralho”

What have you learned from being a part of this community?

  • I learned a lot about a range of subjects but I mostly developed a thick skin for some stuff

Does your community have any traditions or special events?

  • On friday, every two weeks we have a thread where we discuss anything, in the other weeks we have a cultural thread.
  • Sometimes we do some cultural exchanges with other national subreddits.

Does your community have any associated social media or websites? (facebook/twitter/instagram/etc) Also, follow us on Twitter!

  • Not yet!