##muacjdiscussion /r/muacjdiscussion

Can you give us a description of your community: what it’s about, what rules you may have and any resources you would like to include?

As /r/circlebroke puts it: circlejerk without the satire. Here is where you can complain about trends in makeup or on MUA, rant about anything makeup related, have casual conversations… really anything.

What inspired this community?

Makeup needs to be discussed, and we are just the sub to handle that need

What sets your community apart from others?

We are the “Text Tuesday” of makeupaddiction. Discussion all day, every day

What is your goal with this community?

Mainly to hold in depth discussion on makeup and its trends.

What is your community (in)famous for?

Discussing makeup

What is the most popular post of all time in the subreddit?

A discussion thread called “I’m not like other girls” that focuses on the apparent need to focus on comparing yourself to others and how it is not important.