#astralprojection /r/astralprojection

Can you give us a description of your community: what it’s about, what rules you may have and any resources you would like to include?

Its about people. About people who had out of body experiences (aka astral projections) and a place for them to express that. Its also for people wants to learn about them. We are the biggest subreddit in this niche. Mainly because our founders came together from three different subreddits with the same niche. We are happy to serve 4K people as of the time of writing this.

What inspired this community?

A year or two back there were 3 (including this one) astral projection related subreddits. I use to frequent this one and sent a message to the mod of this sub(at that time) that I can help with css if he ever needs it. But that mod abandoned the sub and never got my message. Then as luck would have it , a new mod (/u/lobob123 ) took over this sub. /u/lobob123 read my message and replied back saying he was happy to receive any css help. I (/u/DaMan123456 ) of course accepted and did my best to upgrade the css and clean the sub. I really wanted to help out. While we were chatting and working on making /r/AstralProjection the best we could make it, we thought “why don’t we merge all the other related subs into one? This way we can a)serve more people and b) have all the information in one place.” And then me and /u/lobob123 set out do exactly that. We told our vision to make one big subreddit to /u/Captain_Midnight who at the time was running /r/OutOfBody. It was the second biggest to our sub. He was very kind and went along with the merger. Then came /r/astralprojectionnow. This sub had no mods, so I become the mod of this sub and then redirected everyone to /r/AstralProjection. Along the way we recieved help from /u/Psichonaut . So us four mods share a really cool connection in making all of this possible. But its mainly thanks to our readers we are here.

So TLDR: A desire to help out and a desire to be one big repository to and for all astral projection / out of body experience related thigns made this sub what it is.

What sets your community apart from others?

We like to think its our helping attitude and commitment to our readers. We are very proud that we can serve 4k people who have an interest in out of body experiences.

What is your goal with this community?

We are a community dedicated to serve all astral projectors and out of body experiencers of the world. While being the biggest out of body experience related subreddit on Reddit. We like to think we are continually growing and getting better at it.

What is your community (in)famous for?

For being small lol. We don’t have any infamous or famous stuff that we are known for. But I’ve heard we are pretty friendly. Astral projection to the moon!

What is the most popular post of all time in the subreddit?

Its a guide. Its called “Common things I see on this subreddit that could be holding you back”.

Do you have any favorite quotes or posts from your users?

We do. “Thank you for the encouragement, I’ll keep at it!”. Perseverance is awesome!

What do you hope your community gains from this subreddit?

Now you’re asking the real questions lol. We think the community can come together and find each other using the sub. No longer are they a minority or called X Y or Z for something they may do naturally or have stumbled upon. This sub allows for different members the chance to express themselves and learn more about this cool little side of their humanity.

What have you learned from being a part of this community?

Ah, I am the proud CSS person for this sub. Been there from day one! I learned A LOT. I am business person so for me, the merger and acquisition of different subreddits into 1 subreddit was something that helped me in real life. Also learned a little css along the way lol.

Does your community have any traditions or special events?

Not yet. But not to worry, we are sure something will pop up eventually. All in due time!

Does your community have any associated social media or websites? (facebook/twitter/instagram/etc)

Nope. Not yet.