#aspergers /r/aspergers

We’re the official IRC channel for the subreddit /r/aspergers. You can sum us up in two words: socializing and support. Our primary function is to be a place for people on the entire Autistic Spectrum to have a safe and friendly place to chat, socialize, and discuss anything and everything. We’re also a support channel for folks dealing with a new diagnosis, mental health issues, or needing general advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re diagnosed or not, everyone is welcome!

We’ve got people on at all times of the day, across all sorts of time-zones. Activity wanes and grows all the time but you’re welcome to idle about for as long as you want, or jump in and start or join a conversation. If you need any help, just chat to one of the channel staff and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re available.

We look forward to seeing you in the channel soon and we hope you have fun. You can see some more information about the channel and our rules here.