Ban Appeal

G-Line / Z-Line

If you received a message when attempting to connect stating that you’re banned, you may raise a ticket at with the exact ban message, your nickname/nicknames you’ve recently used and any information you have about why the ban might have been applied.

Some bans are applied by network security robots, for example, if you accidentally flood a channel or mass highlight a group of individuals. In instances like these, the ban will be removed as we are made aware of it. Again, please raise a ticket and include as many relevant details as possible.

Where a ban has been applied based on your actions, we still encourage you to contact us. We prefer to resolve issues through communication where possible, and we may use our discretion to lower/remove the ban entirely if ample reason and apology is given.

Bans for being on a blacklist / Open Proxy Bans

When you connect to Snoonet, your IP address will be queried against known bad host/open proxy blacklists. Additionally, in order to protect our network against unknown threats, this network utilizes the Hybrid Open Proxy Monitor which scans specific commonly used ports on your host for open proxies. By connecting to Snoonet, you agree to be scanned. Scans will originate from

If you are banned because your IP address appears on one (or more) blacklists, you must address your concern directly with the blacklist identified in the ban message and ask for your IP to be removed. Snoonet is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in these blacklists. Until your IP(s) are removed, you may be repeatedly banned from connecting to Snoonet.

Identify before connecting (GA-Line)

ISPs which include but are not limited to mobile service providers and public bouncers may be required to have their users identify to a valid NickServ account before connecting to Snoonet. We enforce this measure as these connections have been abused in the past.

To use SASL authentication, you may register an account at (if you don’t already have one) and configure your client to use your registered username and password. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we feel this measure is necessary to help us maintain a fair, positive, and well-moderated community.