G-Line / Z-Line

If you are receiving a ban message when attempting to connect to Snoonet, please contact http://support.snoonet.org with the ban message error, all nicknames used, and any information you have about why the ban was applied.

Some bans may be applied by our automated protection systems. For example, a bot flood happens in a channel and a user also floods messages to get the attention of channel operators to do something about the attack. For mistakes like these, we will remove the ban as soon as we are made aware of it. Please include as many relevant details in the e-mail as possible.

Where a ban has been applied based on your actions, we still encourage you to contact us. We prefer to resolve issues through communication where possible, and we may use our discretion to lower/remove the ban entirely if ample reason and apology is given.


Snoonet currently forces users connecting on some cellphone networks to use SASL. This measure has been applied due to users misusing cellular wi-fi hotspots to evade bans on the network.

Cell phone networks have no consistent patterns when assigning IP addresses to its customers. For example, a cell phone may start with a hostname of user12.mw.t-mobile.com, but receive a new hostmask of cust02.t-mobile.com once the phone is reset. This makes it impossible for us to set a ban that effects a single user connecting from their cell phone.

To use SASL, please register an account at https://anope.snoonet.org and set up your client to use the newly registered nickname and password. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we feel this measure is necessary to help us maintain a fair, positive, and well-moderated community.