Heyo! I’m ThatOneRoadie, also known as Thor or TOR, from Denver, Colorado, USA. I’m one of the Senior Network Operations Staff here at Snoonet, responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of our network of servers. It’s a responsibility that changes on a daily basis, encompassing things such as monitoring network routes, upgrading and maintaining our IRC Daemon on all of our hub and leaf servers, commissioning and decommissioning servers on the network, stress testing new servers, and load balancing the users on the leafs that are active. At any given time, I’m responsible for the chat network used by over 4500 people simultaneously.

The team of Network Operations Staffers here at Snoonet maintain over 13 Client Leaf servers, and a number of hidden hub servers operating as the backbone to our IRC network. The leaf servers are in many geographically diverse locations, from Los Angeles, USA, to Dublin, Ireland, and even servers in Singapore (clearly you’ve never been to Singapore). We strive to keep these servers up-to-date with the latest security and software updates, protecting our users from any breach of data.

I, personally, maintain a number of servers for the Snoonet network, as well as a set of 16 blade servers and a 10TB SAN (Storage Area Network) in my home lab environment. In my free time, I tinker on this home lab with various virtual machines on an enterprise Cisco network. When I’m not doing that, I’m a student pilot here in the Denver area, working on my Private Pilot’s License.