Hi! I’m /u/noeatnosleep. Most people call me nens. It’s easier to type. I’m the LTM Liason and an Operations Manager for snoonet. I often help organize community events, work with newer users in #help, and assist people with network issues. I’m connected almost all the time, and if you ever want to chat, just shoot me a message! (/msg noeatnosleep hi)

I’ve been on snoonet from the beginning, but I’ve been on IRC for many years. I’ve been an IRCop on other networks, but I’ve found my home here. Snoonet is filled with folks that I enjoy being around. I’m often in #reddit, #politics, #srotd, #showgoat, #random, #games, and a bunch of private channels.

Personally, I love motorcycles, history, and tech. I moderate a bunch of related subreddits, but some of my favorites are /r/gadgets, which I am head moderator of, /r/motorcycles, /r/bikebuilders, /r/hackedgadgets and /r/ThisDayInHistory. I also run a little website that has some neat reddit tools and bots and related things on it: Check it out and give me feedback! I’m constantly updating it. Feel free to shoot me an email at if you need anything!