Hey, I’m /u/nalixor. I’ve been a Snoonet regular for about two years now. I first arrived on Snoonet as a lowly user. I pretty much stuck to the #games channel, and made a great many friends whilst there. Soon after that I became a /r/Games moderator.

I went through some tough times, and my friends on Snoonet and my duties as a moderator helped keep my mind off my problems, and helped me work through them, so I have always wanted a way to give back. I finally have an opportunity to give back to the Snoonet community that has made me laugh, made me cry, and helped me develop some lifelong friendships.

Some info about me: I’m 30 years old, I’m a graphic designer and I have two of the cutest cats in existence. The brown and tan one is called Toru, and the white and ginger one is called Yuuji. I’m a massive nerd; I’m really into videogames, gadgets (I also mod /r/Gadgets ), cars, TV shows, music and movies. I’m on IRC a lot, so feel free to drop by #games and say hi. :)