Alright? I’m DavidLuizsHair or DLH. Nice to meet you. I’m a recently appointed community admin. I’ve been on IRC intermittently throughout my teenage years, but have recently gotten back into it about a year ago. I’ve been on snoonet for about 10 months [as of drafting this message] so I’m still relatively quite young compared to others in that respect. I’m a pretty big sports fan mostly being a fan of football (soccer), formula 1 and intermittently following some NBA as well. In terms of other interests, I’m an avid fan of documentaries and I also intermittently cook, with varying results. Music wise I’m all over the board, I’m open to new kinds of music although various types of Indie, metalcore and rock tend to be my jam. Use /query DavidLuizsHair if you ever need any network help and I will do my best to help you. I go in phases of reading where I either read intensively or I don’t read at all, some of my favourite books include “To Kill A MockingBird” “The Stranger” “The Guest” and “By The Waters of Babylon.” Some of my favourite subreddits include /r/penmanshipporn, /r/soccer, /r/nba, /r/London and /r/BritishProblems.

The following statements below are compiled impressions of what IRC-ers who have interacted with me before describe me.

This is what my profile would look like if Ari created it: “Hi, I’m DavidLuizsHair. I have like 70 nicknames on Snoonet, most of them animals for some reason. According to Meow_Mix, I like dog gifs and sportsball. Sportsball is the best. I’m going to recruit channels to Snoonet that are already here! GO SPORTS, DO THE THING, SCORE THE GOAL!”

“DavidLuizsHair i just remembered i had a dream about you. o.0 You took over the world dressed like a KFC bucket.” - f5184

“If you weren’t here I’d be fully clothed” “yes, and if I wasn’t here, you’d be breaking and entering” - owlet

“DavidLuizshair used confusion, it was super effective. DavidLuizsHair hurt itself in it’s confusion” - linuxdaemon

This is what my smile looks like as described by noeatnosleep: http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/gddy.gif

This is the pic Meow_Mix uses to describe me with: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5tqqzDnrt1qet66oo1_500.png

Well, if you’ve made it this far. Have a pasta guide: http://pastafits.org/pasta-dictionary/