redditBot is an IRC bot that provides information from reddit upon request. It is designed to sit in a channel and be queried for data about reddit users and subreddits.

redditBot is a reddit plugin for the cinch IRC bot framework. The plugin was made by Paradox, who also runs it as redditBot on Snoonet. The github for redditBot can be found as “cinch-reddit” here and is available under an MIT license.

How do I get redditBot in my channel?

/invite redditBot - If you are a channel operator or have invite privileges, just /invite RedditBot to your channel as you would any other user.

What are the commands?

!karma USERNAME - Tells you the amount of karma that a reddit user has, where USERNAME is the reddit user.

!readers SUBREDDIT - Tells you the number of readers that a subreddit has, where SUBREDDIT is the name of the subreddit.

!mods SUBREDDIT - Lists you the moderators of a subreddit, where SUBREDDIT is the name of the subreddit.