Shane 'rdv' Allen

I can be contacted on (/query rdv) or reached by e-mail at

There use to be a long skit about where I came from online. I've always worked with communities, community leaders, and community events.

Far from perfect, I've overcome a lot in my life with my biggest obstacle being myself. I push myself every day to at least try to follow 3 rules

  • Be genuine
  • Strive to make the world better
  • Don't be a dick

I believe in a better world. In order to achieve this, it starts with believing in something bigger than ourselves.

Here is my oath to the network: I, Shane Allen swear to protect all community culture for as long as I am a part of this world. I promise to offer my experiences and wisdom that I've gained through life, and internet experience to those willing to learn. To achieve a better world, I will push us to work hard, and work together.

Here is my vision