12/15/16 Update

Adding some developers that can help out

We’re currently working on a few projects for the communities. One being https://lounge.snoonet.org which is an IRC Cloud alternative and is developed in nodejs. The folks over at freenode (irc.freenode.net #thelounge) are also helping with developing their project, however we are looking for a local team to help with this, and future projects involving nodejs.

Our current website is old and outdated. We’d like to keep our active admin back end, but would like to redesign it. The current active website is at: https://github.com/snoonetIRC/website

What we need:

  • nodejs devs
  • webdeveloper/designer for a simple re-design of the current snoonet.org website
  • Python developers. We code a lot of python stuff, and the more intelligent and active people, the better.
  • reddit bot expert. We’d like to offer some community tools for reddit. We can do this ourselves, but would like additional help with the projects.


  • Be mature, and at least 18 years of age.
  • Be laid back, and able to work as a team
  • Take initiative. We’ll give you freedom to be yourself and go with the flow. That’s how we operate.


E-mail operations@snoonet.org with:

  • IRC Nick
  • Age
  • Location
  • Time available
  • What you want to help out with, and if you have a passion to actually do it.

Please be in good standing with Snoonet. You will be working closely with the staff in the #staff channel, but not given direct operator access. That will be gained in time as trust builds.