memebot is an IRC bot that places a caption on an image and uploads it to imgur. There's a variety of images you may choose from, otherwise memebot will pick one at random.

memebot was made by Paradox, who also runs the bot on Snoonet. The github for memebot can be found here and is available under an MIT license.

How do I get imagebot in my channel?

/invite memebot - If you are a channel operator or have invite privileges, just /invite memebot to your channel as you would any other user.

What are the commands?

!meme [m:memename] <toptext>;<bottomtext> - Creates a meme. The semicolon is required and separates the top and bottom text, although you may leave either blank.

!memes - Lists the image names available to be specified with the m:memename parameter. A current list of meme images available can be found here.