Want to be an admin on Minecraft.snoonet.org ?

We are always looking for active and FAIR server admins! E-mail support@snoonet.org with the subject “Minecraft App: (IN-GAME ALIAS)” Stick around in #snoonet-minecraft (Webchat Link) / direct IRC link

Include in the e-mail:

  • In-Game Alias
  • First Name, Initial last name
  • Location (City or State, Country) / Include what
  • Experience moderating Minecraft servers
  • Why you would like to be an admin on Minecraft.snoonet.org
  • Times available that you'll be on (we like to keep a consistent, admin always available admin on hand). Use www.google.com to convert your time in to UTC (Universal Time)
  • Any suggestions/any affiliations that you have with any current Snoonet admins, or #Minecraft staff on Freenode