#aspergers rules

All operator actions are discretionary.

If an op asks you do something, there is probably a good reason for it! If you want to argue your case, either head over to the channel ##AspergersOpTalk or PM us. We can be reasonable.

All Network rules cascade down to all channels. Read the snoonet network rules here.

Our channel rules are as follows

  • Be respectful towards other users.
  • Bullying and attacking people for any reason will not be tolerated.
  • Stalking or broadcasting personally identifiable information about a user will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Keep debates friendly and constructive. See the section “On debates” for more information.
  • You are expected to be reasonably appropriate. This means, for example, don’t engage in sexual roleplay in the public channel
  • Don’t bring outside drama into the channel! Resolve it in private.
  • No spamming.
  • Tag all NSFW content, this includes links and image links
  • Please keep any logs of the channel private, some users may share things in channel that they would prefer not sent to others outside of the channel

On debates:

It appears that the stereotype that people on the Spectrum love to argue is true! We often have debates in the channel about all sorts of interesting topics. Our userbase has many differing opinions, and it can be fun to challenge and discuss these. But remember that there is a fine line between a healthy debate and a fight. Do not exchange insults, do not provoke someone who is not interested in a debate, and do not be abusive toward someone who disagrees with you. If you start personally attacking someone for their beliefs, you’ve automatically lost the argument and you might be kicked by an operator. In other words; play nice.

Debates can also get out of hand and start disrupting the normal flow of conversation of the channel. It’s very easy for only a few debating people to totally dominate the channel. It’s also very easy for you to become impassioned by an on-going debate, and not see how your conversation is obstructing other people from speaking. Be mindful of this. If an Op asks you to stop or move the debate, please do so. Check out the below section “On #aspergers-alt” for information on where you can go to continue your debate elsewhere.

On general behaviour:

Even though most of us are on the Autistic Spectrum, you should have a general idea of what is polite and socially acceptable. All users of the channel deserve respect! That means you shouldn’t attack someone for their opinions, beliefs, religion, race, age, gender, sexuality, diagnosis status - or anything else. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. Please also do not discuss other users behind their back; it is rude and unfriendly. Ops will rigorously enforce friendly discussion!

It is useful to be aware that people on the Autistic Spectrum can find it difficult to detect sarcasm or jokes - and both of these rarely translate well over text in the first place.

On sensitive topics:

Sensitive topics will be constructively discussed in this channel and sometimes you may be offended. If you are feeling bothered by any conversation in the channel, we would always recommend firstly stepping away from the channel until there is a new topic. It’s never worth getting upset or stressed over IRC conversations. However if you do feel the topic is actively offensive, please contact an op.

There are some really useful resources for dealing with people who are suicidal and depressed here, courtesy of the subreddit SuicideWatch.

Alternate Channel:

We have a sister-channel, called #aspergers-alt. You are free to join it. This channel is much less active than the main channel, and is often used as an overflow channel for smaller, more intimate conversations when the main channel is busy. We also use this channel to finish debates that have crowded out the main channel.