Channel Rules

Registering a Channel

  • Channels may be freely registered on Snoonet, however, subreddit moderators may claim a channel for their subreddit at a Snoonet admin’s discretion.
  • Non-subreddit channels should be registered in the following format: ##example
  • An exception may be granted if the subreddit moderators give permission, or if the channel’s IRC community was run by a select group on freenode from past #reddit-* name space channels.
  • For non subreddit channels, making a clone or copy of an existing subreddit channel is prohibited. (Example, do not register a ##reddit or ##r4r)
  • Unicode channel names are not allowed
  • In the case that you don’t obtain a subreddit moderator’s permission to run the channel, the channel will be moved to the appropriate namespace.
  • A maximum of 15 channels may be registered by a single user.
  • Do not mass register channels! Doing so will result in a network ban.
  • Major ban evasion will earn you a network ban.
  • In case you want to register a channel for a private subreddit you need to:
    • Contact a staff member in #help
    • Have the staffer message the subreddit’s modmail, and reply on reddit.


Logging of channels is permitted unless specified by a channel owner. Like Freenode, Snoonet requests that the channel logs not be made public unless given permission by staff or the channel owner. Not all users want their writing made public.