• If you are completely new to Internet Relay Chat we suggest you read up on basic commands and functionality here: IRC Help - New2irc
  • To register your user nick you must have a valid e-mail address.
  • You may group another nickname to your current one (same thing as registering, just linking it to one account)
  • if you have any questions, feel free to ask in #help - As the users there will help, as well as Snoonet staff members. You'll be treated politely and fairly.


  • By default when you connect to snoonet user mode +x is set, which obfuscates your IP address. Vhosts will mask your host, but only when you are identified with NickServ
  • To register your nickname use command: /msg NickServ register <password> <e-mail>
  • To add multiple nicks to your account, use /nick newnick (example: You are Nicky1, /nick Nicky2) and /msg nickserv group - You must be registered and identified to a services account to GROUP a nick.
  • To register an IRC channel join the channel with /join #channelname, if you have ops in that channel you can then /msg chanserv register #channelname.
  • To add users to to auto-op or auto voice, we recommend you check the help section with ChanServ (/msg ChanServ help flags)
  • Detailed channel setting help can be found here: mode help

SSL/Fingerprint Information

Due to recent changes in the Snoonet network infrastructure, our servers now use a single, officially signed certificate for all secure (SSL) connections, provided by AlphaSSL. For our security-conscious clients, the below fingerprints may be used to verify the identity of a Snoonet server:


Authing on Connect

We provide a variety of ways to authorize your client with NickServ upon connect, please read the related help document